Self-Care Through Art – David Was Here Again

Center For Self-Care is proud to partner with our friend David Gerbstadt for a new project, Dave Was Here Again. David is a Berwyn-based artist who believes that art is for everyone. David’s story is one of radical self-care through the expression of his art and radical connection through how he shares it.

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David leaves his art in public places. Over time, he has left well over 5,000 pieces across the Philadelphia area and the world! A photo, bio and note on the back allows finders to send him messages and photos. With our new project, we hope to find some of these pieces and see where they’ve gone.  If you’ve got one, let us know.

We invite you to listen to our latest podcast where David and Marc describe the project including stories of some of the art he has left including the “You Are Beautiful” sign that graces the cover of this post. Amazingly, the family that found this sign ran in to David later the same day over an hour away! Listen to this and more:

Over the next 100 days, we’ll be posting photos, stories and videos on instagram, Please follow us and help us track the stories and his works as they circle the globe. Below, you’ll find a video of a recent art deployment effort.



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