Let The Breath Come To You

The Buddha solved the Buddha’s problem, now solve yours.” – Sharon Salzberg

From time to time, my meditation practice gets bumpy. What usually works stops working as thoughts and emotions invade and I find myself fighting, trying to eliminate these distractions. In times like these, sometimes the best I can do is just put my body there. My instinct is to try harder, read more or complicate my technique. Even focused breathing is an adventure in hold off an inevitable invasion. That’s more of a battle than a meditation. Fortunately, meditation teacher Sharon Salzberg has a different solution, let the breath come to you. This concept is somewhat alien to me, a problem-solver, a fixer, a controller. But it has a way of carving out space and inviting stillness to my experience. As one of our group participants declared, it is a way “to allow the moment to have its way with me.” Sharon has a wonderful way of introducing meditation in the podcast episode below,

As Sharon says in the opening to the talk, learning to meditate by reading about it is, “like trying to scratch an itch through your shoe.” So practice is critical. In the guided meditation below, the listener is taken through the process of arriving in space, sensing the body, becoming aware of the breathing body and letting the breath come to you. Enjoy!

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