Being a Dad

This summer I thought a lot about Mindfulness and why I “got into it” and why it has become such an important part of who I am. One of the biggest reasons I “got into it” was that I wanted to be more present with my family (Wife and Kids) and enjoy my time with them more. Everybody says it, when it comes to your kids, and it is true from my experience, it goes so fast. The other piece is I didn’t like the way I was reacting to my son which in turn caused me to not like myself. What I realized is that I had to start with myself and take care of me. Mindfulness has given me this gift. It has helped me to be a more patient, kind, loving, present, compassionate, and understanding husband, dad, friend, brother, colleague, counselor, coach, teacher, and son. As I reflected upon all of this I began to think about, what does it mean to be a dad (parent)?

Being a dad is…….

Love, fear, joy, stressful, courageous, uncertainty, gratitude, the greatest thing, the hardest thing, happiness, brings tears to my eyes, insecurity, makes me a better person/human being, messing up, not knowing it all, humility, hugs, kisses, high fives, pats on the back, wrestling, tickling, laughing, playing, crying, smiling, pain, exhausting, In For Life, unexpected, love to the highest degree, teaching, learning, listening, yelling, frustration, not enough sleep, providing, changing diapers, asking them to do the same thing again and again, intense, worry, imperfect, kindness, pleasant, unpleasant, vulnerability, emotional, fun, milestones, playful, demanding, messing up, trying the best I can, comparing, setting an example, not being good enough, needing a drink, being called dad, seeing them born, seeing them grow up, wanting the best for my kids, can’t put into words, unchartered territory, compassion, spending time together, being as present as I can be, timeouts, listening, disciplining, takes heart, hard work, tender, memories, connection, caring, most important thing and matters most, responsibility, beating myself up, unpredictable, heart-breaking, heart-warming, empathy, tucking them in, soccer, coaching, their biggest fan, watching movies, going out to dinner, vacations, kissing a boo boo, exhausting, taxi service, supporting, failing, roller coaster ride, an adventure, making meals, first steps, scoring the goal, seeing them left out, an honor, no guarantees, a myracle, always wanted to be one, family, LOVE, Alyssa, Kody, Annemarie…….

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